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We are dedicated to producing high quality Apps to aid you on your spiritual journey. We hope our Apps will assist your spiritual growth and development and help you to create a better life for yourself and those around you.
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BlackBird Baker
Simplicity in perfection Basic. No fuss. Deep melodious tones of an authentic large finely tuned wind chime. Soothes that particular spot of my cerebral cortex that brings a bit of peace.

Shanna Thompson
Magical! This is the first app that didnt ask to accept permissions, because there were none! Thank you for that! Wonderful and uplifting app :)

Robert Fairchild
Great! Authentic! Serene! Love this! Well done.

Scientific research has shown that we think and process our experiences, feelings and emotions as images first and words second. In other words we are visual thinkers, we think in pictures. When we use a vision board the pictures on it speak directly to our subconscious mind, creating new thoughts and strengthening existing ones. Our subconscious mind activates the law of attraction which attracts to us that which our thoughts portray. Everything you see, smell, touch, taste and hear along with all the other things you can't, including your thoughts, are in essence vibrational energy. Your thoughts have a vibrational energy and attract like vibrational energy, like attracts like. Change your thoughts and you will change your world.

Vision Board Maker

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EMF meters are often used by ghost hunters and paranormal investigators. This EMF meter App detects fluctuations in electromagnetic fields and magnetic fields using the magnetic field sensor in your device. It is thought that ghosts are a form of energy and as such can disrupt and create EMF fields, potentially allowing their presence to be detected.


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